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Covid-19 Update

Although we have had to adapt many aspects of our service to ensure the safety of our residents and staff team, much of our therapeutic programme remains the same. We are still taking referrals and are able to admit individuals to our residential programme under specific circumstances. To learn more about our current admission process please call or email us.

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A centre of excellence for alcohol treatment

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Mount Carmel provides a safe, supportive, therapeutic and non-judgemental environment for men and women with serious alcohol problems who see abstinence as their way forward. We are an 18 bedroom residential treatment centre located in South London, also offering day programmes and detox management. We take great pride in the quality of care we offer. Our many successful clients not only stop drinking - they change their lives. And all at very affordable prices for both private and public funders.

"Too many Londoners have their lives ruined by alcohol dependency. It's not just the individual drinker but also their family, friends and communities that suffer. I know from my experience as a local MP of the important work Mount Carmel does in helping people recover. Effective, accessible and affordable rehabilitation is vital. "

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

We have more than 30 years’ experience of providing treatment for people who are addicted to alcohol. We address many addictions during treatment, including drugs, food, gambling and exercise and can also provide specialist mental health treatment. But, whatever their other important issues, all our clients have alcohol as their primary addiction. This means all clients identify with each other and with the same core problem - alcohol addiction, and how to achieve lifelong abstinent recovery.

When you come to Mount Carmel, you will find that we treat you throughout as an individual. Everyone here - both staff and your peers - is committed to your recovery, we are inclusive of everyone and we won’t give up on you. We have helped hundreds of our clients into recovery and we can help you too.

So take that step towards your new sober life by contacting us by phone (020 8769 7674) or by email or contact form here.


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We offer:

  • A proven treatment programme - our addiction treatment programme consists of intensive group therapy and one-to-one counselling sessions. Specific groups for life skills, gender, food, yoga and meditation are included. All clients have an individualized care plan devised with their keyworker. Weekly house meetings underpin the smooth running of the house and enable clients to develop the skills of communal living.
  • Family support groups - for family members we hold free family groups twice a month and also adolescent groups for our clients’ children aged between 11 and 16 – one a month for males and one a month for females.
  • Housing support - most of our clients return to their previous accommodation, and we offer you advice on taking this step. We offer temporary move-on accommodation for those needing further support before living independently in the community, and good links with local social housing organisations for clients seeking a new beginning.
  • Free Aftercare for life - on the completion of treatment we offer free aftercare for life. This consists initially of a structured programme agreed by the client and their keyworker. We also hold two aftercare groups a month, one-to-one sessions are available and we have regular social events.
  • Affordable, value for money treatment - our proven treatment programme, support throughout treatment, and free aftercare, combined with our very affordable prices, adds up to excellent value for money for clients and Local Authorities.  We are committed to your recovery.

We are proud to be members of The Recovery Trust - an alliance of not-for-profit residential rehab and treatment centres, delivering the best therapeutic programmes, the best patient care, and the best value for money.