Seeking help for yourself

If you have decided to seek help to stop drinking, you should give yourself credit for taking a very big step towards recovery. We know it’s not easy to ask for that help, nor to admit that you can’t do it on your own. If you have made this decision, Mount Carmel is ready and able to help you not just to stop drinking, but to change your life.

We have helped hundreds of men and women who came to us suffering from alcohol addiction, and are now leading full and meaningful lives without alcohol. How you access our help depends on how it can be funded:

  • Public funding – if you require funding for your treatment you should contact your GP, your local community alcohol team/substance misuse team or your care manager. They can make a referral for you to Mount Carmel.
  • Self-funding – if you intend to fund the treatment yourself you can contact us directly on 020- 8769-7674 or email

Once in contact with Mount Carmel you will be assessed for admission, either by a visit to us or by telephone. In order to finish the assessment we will need you to have completed the assessment form, which you can download at the end of this page.  The assessment is a straightforward procedure where we find out about you and how we can help you. It also gives you a chance to find out what Mount Carmel offers you. You will normally be told at the end of the assessment whether Mount Carmel’s treatment programme is suitable for you. If appropriate you will complete your visit with a tour of the house and a chance to meet more of the staff team, and current and ex-clients

Seeking help for a friend or family member

If you have a friend of family member who needs help with their alcohol addiction, it is very useful for you to know that treatment is available, that many alcoholics find recovery this way, and to give that information to the alcoholic when the time is right.

But there is another concern - alcoholics place particular strains on families and friends that can result in them too becoming unwell.  Al-Anon is a sister organisation of Alcoholics Anonymous that has a programme to ensure families and friends are coping with their problems in the best way for their own mental well-being.  Whatever direction your alcoholic friend/family member takes, you could consider contacting Al-Anon.

For the spouses, partners, and children of our clients, we run free therapy groups for exactly this purpose - to help them to learn how best to live with an alcoholic, drinking or not, and remain positive and well.  The feedback we get from these sessions show that they are a very welcome and valuable part of our service. 

Seeking help for a client

We have worked closely with professionals – Care Managers, Social Workers, Substance Misuse workers and others – throughout our existence. We feel we understand what you need from a treatment centre, and we know the pressures and limitations within which you work. We offer exceptional value for money, and are registered with the CQC and NTA.

We can take clients at different stages of their treatment journey:

  • After detox – most of our clients come to us directly from detox to start their recovery with us as day or residential clients, for the duration that is mutually agreed by all parties. We also offer a quasi-residential service where appropriate.
  • Before detox – we have arrangements with a local detox facility whereby we can arrange the detox and the subsequent treatment to provide a single point of contact for you, the professional.
  • After short treatment elsewhere – some of our clients come to us after a short period of treatment, perhaps 28 days, in another treatment centre. In this case the professional has identified that a longer period, and more work, is required for recovery, and we are well placed to provide that service.

We welcome new contacts from all professionals, and understand you may wish to visit or phone us to better assess our services before making a referral. And of course you may want to accompany your client when they are being assessed.

For professionals too far away for face to face contact to be practical, we find we can carry out all the processes of assessment by phone, to the satisfaction of you, Mount Carmel, and the client.

Download Assessment Form – you can download our assessment form and, after completion, either post it to Mount Carmel or bring it with you to your assessment.