Peter Roberts



When did you come through Mount Carmel?

I arrived on 19 December 2015

How long did you receive treatment for?

6 Months

Can you remember how you felt when you first arrived at Mount Carmel?

Scared and nervous about what to expect and was also dreading having to live and share a house with a large group of recovering alcoholics – I was worried that people would be erratic and unpredictable.  However, I was glad and relieved to be in treatment so that I could try to address the problem which had destroyed my life.  It only took a few days to settle in and the staff and residents were friendly, kind and reassuring.

What are your overarching memories of being in treatment for your addiction?

I remember experiencing a wide range of emotions whilst in treatment.  There were some highs and some lows.  It was important to talk about the most difficult aspects of your life and it was often uncomfortable revealing some of the things you had experienced in the past. I made some great friends, had some great laughs and also learnt how to deal with difficult situations and people.  The staff were wonderful and very supportive, and it was their encouragement which sustained me through the process.  I also bonded with my fellow residents and we all encouraged each other to make the most of the journey we had embarked on.

How has recovery impacted on your life?

Personally I have gained a self-awareness which I feel I lacked previously.  I also learnt to value myself more and also value my own thoughts and opinions. Going through treatment and now recovery has given me a braver approach to life.  I am more decisive and worry less about what other people think of me.

On a practical note – I went back to working but chose to work 4 days a week.  I volunteer on my day off mentoring people still struggling with addiction.  I gained a qualification in advice and guidance to help with my voluntary work.  I have recently been offered a flat of my own which I will be moving to shortly.  I have been on some good holidays since leaving treatment – including Buenos Aries + Rome + India + Europe.

So, all in all I got my life back which was what I said I wanted when I came to Mount Carmel for my initial assessment.  I got my life back and it is better than it was before as I feel braver, stronger and happier (and sober!)…

What advice would you give to someone considering treatment for addiction?

I would say that if you decide to undergo treatment you should give it your absolute best shot.  There is no easy option and if you are going to do it then you need to do the work and give it 100%. 

What are you doing now?

I am working 4 days a week at Wandsworth Council.  I have been living in the move-on house for around 3 years and about to move in to my own property in the next few days. I still attend AA meetings about 3 times a week which keeps me focused and able to maintain my recovery.   I will be looking for a better job as I feel I now have the confidence and I am ready to take on more responsibility. My life has and continues to improve and expand – so I am now reaping the benefits of getting sober.

What is your favourite colour?

Green (but I tend to wear blue)

What is your favourite band/song/piece of music right now?

Prob anything 80’s – which is my era (and now retro!) Lol

What book are you currently reading?

I keep trying to read “The Power of Now” but it is taking me ages!

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