Mount carmel graduates

Below are interviews from past Mount carmel graduates and how the our course has changed their life. 

Recovery has changed the way I perceive myself and the world around me and I have a peace of mind now that I never knew existed before I went to Mount Carmel. My life has a new balance and a new purpose. The 12 steps have taught me about trust, accountability, about the gift of service and have impacted profoundly on my life. The world is a softer, more exciting and more colourful place now. Before Mount Carmel I felt like I was constantly swimming against the tide. Now, with an occasional nudge of the tiller or a gentle repositioning of a sail – I let the current take me where it needs to.

My life has changed completely for the better in every way imaginable, every area of my life has improved immeasurably. Also I have learnt how to cope with all the difficulties and problems that can arise as I go along. My relationship with my family is now full of love and trust. I am finally financially secure, I have a new found confidence and hope for the future. On the whole it was a life changing experience.