Mount Carmel at Painters' Hall - "a huge success" (Autumn 2012)

Our event "Mount Carmel at Painters' Hall was our most ambitious event yet in our drive to get ourselves better known and to raise charity donations.  It was an unqualified success.


“We held our Reception to underline three important points.  We are facing falling revenues, despite our good reputation.  So we are asking Local Authorities to send us more clients.  And, for the first time, we ask for charitable contributions to help us to carry on our essential work.”

So said CEO Ruth Allonby at our Reception held at the prestigious Painters’ Hall on 16th October.  She added: “There was of course a very serious theme to the evening, in that although we are in no imminent danger, our five year horizon presents challenges.  But we also had a very enjoyable evening - everyone I spoke to and everyone who mailed us afterwards agreed that the event was fun, interesting, and a great success”.


Guests, who numbered over one hundred, gave enthusiastic feedback.  Bill Puddicombe, Chief Executive of Equinox, said “I was very pleased to be invited.  The presentations underlined what an excellent resource Mount Carmel is and how much services like theirs are needed. We are currently working with Mount Carmel providing packages of care and we hope to expand our partnership in future."

The guest list included politicians, professionals in the addiction field, a number of rehabs, and friends of Mount Carmel. Graduates of Mount Carmel were also represented in two ways.  Some fifteen graduates were among the guests.  And a short film was shown in which four graduates described their descent into alcoholism, their time at Mount Carmel, and their progress and contentment in recovery.  Many of the guests found the film a powerful statement of the need for abstinent recovery programmes.


Ruth and Lord Mancroft discuss alcohol addiction policy

Lord Mancroft, one of the most knowledgeable members of the House of Lords in the field of addictions, gave a very informative opening address on the underlying politics of treatment of addiction.  Having explained that good ideas can take 20 years to become implemented policy in the UK, he said that was proving the case with good addiction treatment.  From the relatively unenlightened days of the early 90’s, here we are 20 years later with a Prime Minister who takes a personal interest in the development of good addiction treatment, and acts, within the inevitable austerity limits, to promote its implementation.   “And we don’t need any innovative new ideas on treatment” he concluded.  “We just need to get behind places like Mount Carmel so that they can keep doing what they do now”.


Guests watch intently as the video of Mount Carmel Graduates is screened


A charity auction raised over £1000 for Mount Carmel, with donations including signed copies of Mitch Winehouse’s book “Amy”, plus a number of other generous gifts from – Annie Haak Designs, Kentz Corporation, Mott MacDonald, IMAS Digital Design, and SJC & Associates.


Bill Hughes, Chairman of Mount Carmel, said “we are extremely grateful to everyone who gave us the tremendous backing for this event – from the donor of the Hall, from those who donated to the auction, those who bid at the auction, our splendid graduates, and all those who came along tonight.  With friends like these, we are in very good shape to “carry on the good work”.”




Staff members Jamie Benjamin (pictured) and Charlie Weekes ran a lively auction