Renewing Wedding Vows at Mount Carmel (November 2017)

When Steve and Anne renewed their wedding vows, they came to the place where Steve’s new life began two years ago, and the place all the family are grateful to – Mount Carmel

We try to keep in contact with as many as possible of our graduates - clients who complete treatment and follow, we hope, a path to a satisfying long-term recovery.  As we talk to our graduates over the years, which we do very frequently, we hear about all the good things that they accomplish in sobriety.

But we rarely have an opportunity to participate so closely in recovery as when one of graduates and his wife decided they wanted a ceremony to renew their wedding vows to take place at Mount Carmel.

It was a good reminder to us of what a good recovery brings, not just to our clients but to their families.  Relationships can improve dramatically as the destructiveness of addictive drinking is removed, and families recover together.


Mount Carmel is where Steve’s journey of recovery started


Graduate Steve and his wife wrote to our CEO Ruth Allonby after their special day:

Dear Ruth,

I wanted to write and thank you for agreeing to let us - Stephen and Anne - hold our Renewal of Vows service at Mount Carmel 03/09/2017.

The reason we chose to hold it at Mount Carmel is because this is where Steve's journey of recovery started 2 years ago. This is where he started to get his life, wife and son back, but most of all his freedom from addiction.

We could have chosen any hall to hire, but then the new friends he/we had made may not have attended in case of alcohol being present on the premises. Mount Carmel is a known safe place for many clients. We also wanted to thank staff and everyone, who was part of our story and continued journey.

The weekend we chose was very poignant. It started with Steve's 2-year sobriety chip, then our anniversary of 28 years of marriage, and then topped by us renewing our vows.

We had a fabulous day with friends and family being present from the original wedding 28 years ago. Also invited were all the new friends and family group members made through recovery. Best of all, we were able to thank Mount Carmel. Ex-residents who Steve was in group with baked, cooked and prepared the food for the occasion, which made it more special.

There were people who wanted to buy presents for us. We asked if they would donate to Mount Carmel instead, so that someone else could benefit from it.

Thanks once more. 

Steve and Anne


Family recovery, ongoing recovery

Ruth commented “This event has all the elements of what we work hard for at Mount Carmel:  individual recovery, family recovery, ongoing recovery a day at a time.  And Steve’s friends from his time at Mount Carmel were an important part of the event too.  Mount Carmel was, as ever, happy to welcome back some of its many graduates, as it often does, and see the progress they are making in life.  A very happy day all round.”

Wedding cake