Our Prices

We are very affordable

Our prices are the same for all clients – self funded or publicly funded. There are no added extras.

Our prices are:

Residential Clients: £770 per week                              Day Clients: to be announced


It’s an investment worth making 

As you look at the cost of treatment, we would say:

  • If you compare our prices with similar treatment centres, you will see we are very affordable.
  • If you look honestly at the cost of your drinking for a year, you will see that successful treatment soon pays for itself.
  • Aftercare – essential to maintaining recovery – is free for life at Mount Carmel.
  • Your family may provide financial help – they want you to get well as much as you do.
  • Your Local Authority may provide help, but funding for treatment is ever harder to get.
  • For many people, and for their families too, paying for alcohol treatment was the best investment of their lives!