Continuous Support

Mount Carmel offers specific support when it is needed throughout your recovery journey:

  • A safe and supportive environment throughout your stay
  • Family support as you go through treatment
  • Housing advice and support as you plan to leave treatment
  • Free Aftercare for life after you complete treatment.

A safe and supportive environment

We know that treatment works only if all clients feel that they are in a safe and supportive environment. At Mount Carmel you will find:

A safe environment – many of our clients have spent recent times in stressful and even unsafe situations and environments. It is vital that you feel safe at Mount Carmel, and we have a level of supervision and a code of conduct that ensures that all our clients feel safe and are safe.  That safety covers three areas. You will be physically safe, and emotionally safe – safe from harassment or bullying. You will also find that you can talk about yourself and important details of your life, safe in the knowledge that anything you say will be treated with respect and confidentiality by everyone, and you will not be judged. You need that environment to get well, and we work hard to make sure you have it.

Supportive staff – our staff will be very committed to helping you to get well – to start with maybe even more determined than you – and we won’t give up on you! You will have a named staff member, your keyworker, who will be closest to you, and is responsible for giving you the most detailed help as you turn your life around. 

Peer support – you will be surprised at the depth of friendship you develop with your peers – the other clients going through treatment with you. As weeks turn into months, you’ll form a bond that will be an invaluable source of support during treatment, and after you leave. Some ex-clients are still returning to the annual barbecue more than 25 years after leaving!


Family support

We recognize that healthy family relationships are key to relapse prevention and long term sobriety. We therefore offer, free of charge:

Spouse and partner groups – we hold regular facilitated family groups for spouses, partners, and other close members of our clients’ families.

Adolescent groups – recognising the special needs of children, we hold adolescent groups for clients’ children aged between 11 and 16, with separate groups for males and females.

Family sessions -when appropriate, we facilitate meetings between a client and their family members to address and reduce any problems that jeopardize recovery.


Housing support

Suitable housing is also important in maintaining recovery after leaving treatment, and we offer the following housing support:

Returning home – we support clients who wish to return home, accompanying them on home visits, and encouraging a transitional period prior to leaving Mount Carmel.

Social housing – for clients who need to find new accommodation after leaving treatment, we have relationships with local social housing groups. Clients can apply to these organizations for housing suitable for them to continue their recovery.

Move-on accommodation – Mount Carmel offers accommodation in our own house for clients who need further temporary support before living completely independently.


Free Aftercare for life

Unlike many treatment centres, aftercare – continuing support after you complete treatment – is free of charge at Mount Carmel, and we actively encourage clients to keep in contact with us. Our Aftercare programme includes:

  • morning “planning your day” meeting
  • one-to-one counselling sessions
  • aftercare group twice a month
  • social events – reunions, barbecues, theatre trips, quiz nights
  • continued attendance at meditation, yoga, dramatherapy, creative arts sessions, food group
  • evening meals and use of laundry facilities
  • informal visits
  • membership of “Mount Carmel Works!”, the association of Mount Carmel graduates.

We strongly recommend that you also continue to attend AA meetings regularly.

(Note – Free aftercare is not included in our six-week relapse prevention programme. However, aftercare can be arranged.)