Range of programmes

We offer a range of programmes of different durations and types, all aimed at treating alcohol addiction (which some people may call alcoholism, alcohol dependence, or problem drinking).  Our target for you is lifelong recovery from your drinking problem. The best treatment option for each client is decided during the assessment, and in discussion with their Care Manager if appropriate:

  • Residential programmes – in our main house we have 18 single bedrooms for residential clients.
  • Day programmes – our day programmes can be of any appropriate length, determined at assessment and tailored to the specific needs of the client.
  • Quasi residential – some clients live not in our main house, where the treatment takes place, but in one of the nearby follow-on houses, and daily making the short journey to the main house. This is called “quasi residential” treatment. It ensures that you are always with supportive people in recovery as you move through treatment, and costs less than residential treatment.
  • Detox – we do not provide a detox programme, but we can refer you to the detox specialists at the Equilibrium Project.  When your detox is complete, we can jointly ensure a safe and seamless transfer to Mount Carmel.

Core therapies

Our treatment approach has evolved, and proven its success, over more than 25 years. It is used across all the treatment options, day and residential. Skilled, compassionate and enthusiastic staff draw up in-depth personal care plans based on your individual needs and your individual life history. This outstanding therapeutic programme, together with a wide choice of additional activities and complementary therapies, all add up to an exceptional environment for recovery.

All residential and day programmes are based on the same treatment approach.


Group Therapy – at the heart of our therapeutic approach is daily group therapy and regular one-to-one sessions. These activities focus on the issues of particular relevance to you, and on your personal approaches to life’s challenges.

  • Introduction to the 12 Step programme of recovery, including attendance at AA meetings – our programme requires you to attend AA and undertake some of it's 12 Steps of Recovery – as followed by most treatment centres in the UK and around the world. Mount Carmel hosts a number of AA meetings every week.
  • In addition to the 12 Step programme, we use proven therapeutic approaches such as Psychodynamic therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural therapy.
  • One to one counselling – we follow up therapy groups with frequent one to one sessions, where you can explore in more depth and detail the issues important to you that were raised during groups.
  • Peer reviews and peer support – you will be encouraged to reflect on your progress and that of your peers, supporting and confronting issues, and developing your knowledge and communication skills.
  • House meetings – weekly community meetings underpin the smooth running of the house and enable clients to enhance their skills in relationships and communal living.
  • Measurable progress – during your time at Mount Carmel you will move through the stages of primary, intermediate, and secondary groups, giving you a clear sense of progress and an awareness of how far you have come.

Complementary therapies

Our range of complementary activities typically includes:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Dramatherapy
  • Indian head massage
  • Auricular acupuncture
  • Group Hypnotherapy
  • Equine Assisted Therapy

Social activities

As you learn your new way of life, we include social activities as part of the programme, for example organising an in-house event, or arranging and taking part in communal trips.